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>> HOTEL TIVOLI<< offering these skiing services

Winter Tourist Center “KODRA E DIELLIT” – Tetovo

Skiing tickets

  • Half day ticket

  • All day ticket

  • Weekly (seven days)

  • Ten days

  • Season ticket

  • 400 denars

  • 500 denars

  • 3000 denars

  • 4000 denars

  • 7000 denars

Skiing equipment
Skis and boots 500 and 600 denars

Skiing instructors
From 5 – 10 persons 5 Euros per person (3 hours exercises)
From 3 – 5 persons 7 Euros per person
Only one 10 Euros per hour
Extreme skiing 15 Euros per person per hour

Daily excursions
Daily excursion in Winter Centre Mavrovo
Daily excursion in Ohrid
Shopping in Skopje

These excursions are organized from Hotel Tivoli with minibus or bus depending on passengers’ number.

The transport is not included in the price

P.S. Price – list can change